Tuesday, December 29, 2009

to a new year!!

So have not written since September or the funeral, made through the holidays without mom but still feels like sometimes like it didn't really happen. Just so thankful that mom blessed with so many wonderful friends and family to get through, hoping this new year will bring more blessing from my mom. I would like to thank everybody who showed their support and made it to the funeral the count was over 500 (+) people. Mom had touched so many lives and the lives of others and will continue to live on her legacy that she left behind. As for me I went ahead and transferred jobs within MD Anderson so I could have less stress better hours, no weekends and no holidays til I can start finding myself again since moms passing. Thanks for all the love support and prayers, and all the cards that I'm receiving. Still in the process of cleaning out mom's house and hopefully to be put up on the market by the spring time. Hope everyone has a safe and blessed new year..

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