Monday, September 7, 2009

9-7-09 update

Hello everyone. I am Bethany, a close friend of Allison. I will be helping her to keep everyone updated on her mom, Paulette's, condition.

As of today Paulette remains in an inpatient care facility. Her pain is being controlled well and she is confortable. She sleeps most of the time but does have short periods where she wakes up. She is confused at times but we are usually able to reorient her. Allison has been at her side since she went into the hospital on Friday. I have seen that this has brought great comfort and joy to Paulette.

Allison is dealing with this as well as can be expected. She appreciates all the the love and prayers that you all are sending to her and her family. She would love to return every phone call, email or text she has recieved in the past few days, but she is choosing to spend all of her time focusing on her mom right now. Allison appreciates everyone for understanding.

I will do my best to update this blog daily. If you would like to tell Allison or Paulette anything please leave a comment. I will print the comments out and take them to the hospital. I know it would bring them much joy to hear your encouraging words.


nancy simons said...

We love you very much paulette.

Anonymous said...

Thank you bethany for updating us. Please let allison know that I have been praying for both her and her mother. I am so sorry that they are going through all this hardship and pain and I hope they can find even just a little peace and comfort in the midst of all of this. I can't even imagine what Allison or her mom are going through, but if I could, I'd wish to take on some of the heartache and pain. Allison, you are such a strong person. You probably got that from your mother. I admire you for being an awesome and loving daughter. I will continue to pray. I'm here if you need me.


Anonymous said...

Ally Cat, you are in my thoughts and prayers. We have been through a lot together over the past 6 years and I've loved you like a sister. Your family means a lot to me...and so do you. I can't imagine how hard this has to be for you, but please know Craig and I are praying for you and Angie and your mom. Whatever you need, I will do. Love you. Be strong.


ann said...

I feel ur pain.. i went through same ordeal with my mom some 5 years ago, only hers was so sudden!Take comfort in knowing that God is ALWays beside you..
If theres anything at all that i could be of help with, im just one phone call (or text!) away!
Take care Allison, hug your mom tight....
Ann Tongol

Ann said...

Yes Bethany, thank you for the update. I am a neighbor/friend of Paulette's for 24+ yrs. I, too, was with my mom day & night during her battle w/ breast cancer 22 yrs ago. I will continue to pray for Paulette, Allison & Angela. And let Allison know that I truly admire her strength in being with Paulette - I know it's not easy, but so well worth it. Send all my love to Paulette & Allison.
Ann Strouhal

Jodi said...

Bethany - your effort to keep us updated is such a blessing - thank you so much.

Allison and Angela - you are in our thoughts and prayers throughout the day. It takes strength to be there so consistently and you have shown so much. I know every moment you have with Paulette will be treasured.

Paulette - My family and friends here in Connecticut know of you through the stories of the good times we have shared since you were a baby (and I was just a few years older). They know of your courage in facing your battles with cancer with such a perservering spirit. I love you Paulette and I love your beautiful smile and fun-loving ways.
When the time comes I will be there for you, Angela and Allison.
Your Connecticut Cousin, Jodi (JoDianne)

Anonymous said...


I will pray for you and your sister...


Anonymous said...

We're thinking of you and praying for you from Ohio...

The Shepherd's & The Hollon's

Kalee said...

Thanks Bethany for the update...Allison, I know it has been a long time since I last saw you, but I have been watching your facebook and blog. Know that our prayers and thoughts are with you and your mom, and that you are never alone.

Ted said...

Allison and Angela:

We haven't seen each other since you were little girls, but please know that you are in our thoughts.


We love you kid. I'm recalling all the good times at Sweet Home and all the other places; even when I was 9, staying with Grandma and Grandpa, while my mom was with your mom, when you were born.


Ted (Jones--Corpus Christi cousin)

Anonymous said...

Lord please be with Allison and her mother Paulette as they endure this difficult time. May you bring peace to them and wrap them in you love