Saturday, August 1, 2009

wow so much has has happened since February, getting inspired to write after reading Bethany's blog!! Lets see catch up time,, I bought and closed on a my VERY OWN house on May 15Th., I love it just the right size for me and Cody!! I acquired a roommate in June, A great friend that I went to nursing school with 4years ago, having a roommate is great!! As far as mom goes not too much great news, her cancer spread even further to some spots to her lungs, same areas around her heart, so chemo no longer an option nor is radiation, cuz unfortunalelty cant not re radiate the same spot, so we are out of options and now we are focusing on "palliative" or symptom and pain management, hospice has been brought forward but we are still weighing out other options at this time!! Just enjoying each others time and cherish each day we have together.....


Jodi said...

Hi Allison,
Thank you for keeping up your comments. I so much wanted to know how Paulette is doing and I couldn't reach anyone by phone. Perhaps you could send me your phone number, please? I hope she has enjoyed some relaxing times this summer.

I am glad to hear life in your new house is so good for you. The pictures you sent would not open here, so if you have time I would love to see them, but I am sure you are very busy.

Love to you and the family,

Anonymous said...

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