Sunday, July 27, 2008


just some updating trying to be more frequent with this,as far as mom She is now taking her oral chemo and iv chemo every other and is truly amazing with it, she has done lots of traveling this summer Florida with friends, Dallas.lousisna, beach houses , lake houses, south padre island I myself have missed most of the trips of of coarse because of working or not being to get off in time to go, she will try to work again starting in august and try to finish up her last year till she make retirement, Angela loves at home with her now , and Angela became a CNA, and now struggles to try and a job, as for me its been three years now and counting still working at MD Anderson hospital in a intermediate care cardiothoracic surgery floor, I'm still debating on if I should go back to graduate school and get my nurse practitioner in acute care, I'm still living right by the medical center across the street from the target and walking distance to realiant stadium,I will try to post some pictures of me mom and angela current from our girls day in kemah, would love to hear from everybody..

take care and god bless

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