Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ok so a little few updates so since i last wrote i celebrated a birthday and turned the wonderful 25 or should i say 2.5 and what a birthday it was started with a wonderful 4day weekend in the fabulous city of las Vegas with my best friend Jamie and stayed at new york new york hotel, so much fun were going every year and we danced the night away at the famous studio 54 dance a night club I must say took a couple of days to recover from a city that you never sleep, then the following weekend had a wonderful birthday celebration combined with my friend seth with dinner at pf changs and then a little partying up late in the night on a rainy night!! Other updates for those who don't know Angela my older sister moved back home and it has been great three adams' girls all back home together again rebuilding a relationship with my sister has been the best thing to ever happen to me, nice to have all 3 "single" ladies in one house its been fun and interesting!! me and my sister put up the 8foot snow globe which the Texas wind has managed to knock over time and time again - and having a nice Christmas party for mom Sunday hosted by me and Angela and two of my best friends katy and Claudia should be fun and very casual with close family and moms friends I will post up some pics from the party- now down to business latest scans show the tumors are still there but some ar getting smaller with this chemo called gemcytobein which she has been getting for 3months-- that's about it for now so thanks to everybody prayers please continue cuz they seem to have been working!! and for those coming to the party Sunday- cant wait to see everybody!! Happy holidays and a very blessed new year!!

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